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Ok, I got it
Bαвен Cнііαн
Bαвчее Cнііα
Nαме__ Cнііα
Hαηg Oυт Wιтн__   Amy.. Jojo.. Tiff..   Λииα,, Hollч,, Кαтчее,, Σмѕќііе,, Lαυяα Jojo
Bєѕт Fяιєη∂ѕ__ Кαтчее,, Σмѕќііе,, Jojo..   Amy..   Laura..
Mѕη A∂∂яеѕѕ__   n_pwincess123455@hotmail.com
Lσνе__   Hang Out With Her Mayte,, Shopping,, Bowling,, Cinema,, &* Moree &* I Love Johnny Depp!! =D
Hαιя__   Blondy brown Hair =D
Hея Dяеαмѕ,, Hея Fυятυяє Iѕ__   I want to be a Film director!! =D